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Discover the happiness of Chess with
Kovai Kids Chess Academy's beginner unit,
the  "Happy Chess Hub"

"Embark on a Journey of Chess Adventures Filled with Fun and Happiness"

Chess, a timeless and strategic board game, captures the essence of an intellectual battle between two minds. With origins rooted in ancient India, 

chess has evolved into a global pursuit that challenges players' intellects and tactics.

 The game's intricate interplay between pieces symbolizes strategy and planning, fostering skills such as critical thinking, foresight, and adaptability. In its essence, chess is a harmonious dance of intellects, where each move holds the potential to reshape the outcome.

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Want to know more about your Chess Coach?

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Beginner Level One Program 

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Happy Chess Hub: Nurturing Values &
Life Skills on Your Chess Journey

We offer a holistic learning experience that includes lessons taught through videos, eliminating the pressure of adhering to fixed schedules for learning the game. Our approach combines over-the-board learning videos, quizzes, puzzles, game practice, and reviews, complemented by weekly interactions with the coach. This structure ensures an interactive and enjoyable  learning process for kids, allowing them to associate positive emotions with their progress. As a result, their learning journey becomes more fulfilling.

Reviews for our Coaching Programs

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