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Introducing our Beginner Level - 1 Coaching Program

Build Essential Chess Skills

  • Discover different Checkmate patterns

  • Master Opening Principles

  • Unleash Powerful Tactics

  • Grasp Basic Endgame Techniques


The ultimate guide to help you conquer the

chessboard and achieve your first triumph!

We know that you love to learn Chess

  • Do you wish to make strategic moves, outwit your opponents, and experience the thrill of claiming your first victory?

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused every time you sit down to play a game of chess?

Look no further!  "Essential Chess Skills" is here to transform you from a clueless beginner to a confident chess player.

The Best Part of  this Coaching Program 


Increased flexibility

Learn at any time and on

any day that suits you!


Opportunity for

self-paced learning

No pressure to understand everything in a limited time;

learn at your own speed!


Access to a wider

range of resources

Understand and explore the

topics covered! 


Consistency and continuity

Ensure that kids can continue their training without interruptions due to external factors!


The ability to review

lessons at any time

Watch and learn as many

times as you like!


Easily Digestible Information

Bite-sized modules that are

power-packed with the

required knowledge!

 You'll also get Exclusive bonuses like

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Assignments: Engage with Interactive Quizzes and Puzzles

As part of the program, you will have access to a collection of engaging quizzes and puzzles. These interactive assignments aim to make your learning experience more interactive and personalized.


By actively participating in the quizzes, you can reinforce your knowledge and ensure a deeper comprehension of the material. These puzzles serve as opportunities to apply what you've learned in a practical context, honing your problem-solving abilities and enhancing your chess skills.

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Practice Tournament: Test Your Skills in an Online Practice Chess Tournament

By the end of this mini course, we will organize and conduct a practice tournament exclusively for participants like you. This tournament will provide a valuable opportunity to put your newly acquired chess skills to the test in a competitive setting.


Participating in the practice tournament will allow you to experience the thrill of real-time chess matches, apply your knowledge and strategies, and gain practical experience in a tournament-style environment.

Vid playing moves.JPG

Meet your Chess Coach

I'm Vidya, a passionate Chess Coach who loves teaching kids the game of Chess. I find great joy in explaining the concepts in a simple and understandable way, and witnessing children learn and grow through this game.


I started playing chess at the age of 9 and since then participated in various Chess tournaments. With an international FIDE rating and being a FIDE Certified National Instructor (2020), I bring knowledge and expertise to my coaching.

I have 9 years of experience in chess coaching, including managing an offline academy in Coimbatore, India and 4 years of teaching Chess in a CBSE School. Additionally, I have actively organized district-level Chess tournaments in Coimbatore.


My true passion lies in creating a lifelong impact in a child's life through the game of Chess. My vision is to inspire kids to find joy in Chess and to instill valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

  • 1. What is the level of this course?
    This course is designed specifically for beginners with little prior chess knowledge, such as special rules, attacks, checks, checkmate, exchanges, etc.
  • 2. My kid knows only the name of pieces & its movements. Will this course be suitable?
    No, we recommend you to start with our Mini Course "Chess Explorers" (1-month duration) before you join this Course.
  • 3. How many levels are there in the Beginner's Coaching Program?
    We have 3 levels - Beginner 1, Beginner 2 & Beginner 3 (Each level will be of 2 months duration).
  • 4. My kid is new to the world of Chess, and I would like my kid to learn Chess from Basics. What would you recommend?
    We recommend you to start with our Mini Course "Chess Explorers" (1-month duration) first and then continue further with this course - Essential Chess Skills.
  • 5. What is the fee for the Beginner Level Coaching Program?
    The monthly fee for the Beginner Level is INR 3500 .

Look at what parents say about our coaching

This comprehensive program is designed to unlock your true potential.


What makes this program truly exceptional is its accessible approach to teaching chess. We understand that learning a complex game like chess can be hard, which is why we've broken down every concept into bite-sized, easy-to-understand lessons.


Kindly submit your details below to join this Coaching Program now!

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